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  • insults — in·sult || ɪn sÊŒlt n. affront, offense, rude remark or action v. speak or act in a rude or contemptuous manner, offend, affront …   English contemporary dictionary

  • trade insults — trade blows/insults/ phrase if people trade blows or insults, they hit or insult each other The couple frequently argue and trade insults. Thesaurus: to fight physicallysynonym to insult or offend someonesynonym …   Useful english dictionary

  • Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act — The Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act,1971 is a law in India prohibiting desecration of or insult to the country s national symbols, including the flag, constitution, and anthem.The earliest version of the law was passed hastily by the …   Wikipedia

  • throw insults — say rude things, insult someone    When you don t get what you want, you start throwing insults …   English idioms

  • trade insults — insult each other, say rude things to each other, mudsling    When the two men couldn t agree on the cause of the problem, they began trading insults …   English idioms

  • fire insults at somebody — fire ˈquestions, ˈinsults, etc. at sb idiom to ask sb a lot of questions one after another or make a lot of comments very quickly • The room was full of journalists, all firing questions at them. Main entry: ↑fireidiom …   Useful english dictionary

  • List of ethnic group names used as insults — This is a list of nouns, used for name calling in the English language, whose etymology goes back to the name of some, often historical or archaic, ethnic or religious group, but whose current meaning has lost that connotation and does not imply… …   Wikipedia

  • heap insults on — mock, humiliate, abuse, offend, slander, call names …   English contemporary dictionary

  • humiliating insults — Personal indignities, sometimes constituting a ground for divorce. 24 Am J2d Div & S § 150 …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • insult — insults, insulting, insulted (The verb is pronounced [[t]ɪnsʌ̱lt[/t]]. The noun is pronounced [[t]ɪ̱nsʌlt[/t]].) 1) VERB If someone insults you, they say or do something that is rude or offensive. [V n] I did not mean to insult you... [V n]… …   English dictionary

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